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Bark of sea-buckthorn contains serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine) phitogenic of a vegetative origin.

Only yesterday you were in good form, of energy and capacity for work. You made sound decisions in on time and felt pleasure in your clear thinking. Sure, sometimes you got tried, but despite it, you always delayed the rest which was so necessary for your organism.
Suddenly you felt unwell: something new, unusual and alarming broke your state of bliss. Contentment and self-reliance instantly changed into spiritual bankruptcy, tiredness and anxiety.

You gave way to despair and started vain searching of the replies to three questions: “Who is to blame?”, ”What must I do?”, ”What should I begin with?”. Have you come across this? Most probably, you have: few people manage to avoid stress and overwork, and we differently respond to them. Some are full of energy during spring, summer and autumn. In November their activity goes down, they get tried more often and always are hungry and sleepy.

Others feel break-down at the close of the day and they lose their good spirits because of that. To restore interest for life they fill their maws  with food and alcohol.

Also there are people which can handle their job and current affairs well during a week, but on the day, weather, overcrowd transport, conflict with your husband or wife, heated argument with chief or obstinate subordinate and other stresses-are very important and they certainly affect you. However, the main reason of worsening of your health, low spirits, insomnia, gluttony or loss of appetite doesn’t lie in the outward factors. The reason is change of chemical composition of the most important part is a special organic matter inside of us – serotonin, and our brain and nervous system synthesize it from the certain components of food we have.
Any fluctuation of content of serotonin in brain raises depression, migraine, alcoholism, gluttony and other kinds of “indisposition” which spoil our life and deprive it of meaning.

To increase content of serotonin in brain, you don’t need to take tablets in handfuls. Also it isn’t necessary to run daily long distance or restrict your food uncooked vegetables and brain bread. What do you need? Serotonin!
Let’s try to ascertain a function of serotonin when we are healthy and sick. A healthy state is more difficult to understand. As regards diseases and disorders bound up with anomalies of serotonin system, a list of them consists of many points. In this list you can find some kinds of maniacal psychosis, depression , state of perturbation and anxiety, suicidal syndrome, some kinds of sexual disorders, alcoholism, inclination to overeating or losing of appetite, disorder of sleep and, according to some data, schizophrenia. Besides, disorders of serotonin system causes migraine and other kinds of chronic headache. It is supposed that they are the reason of some cardiovascular diseases, including high blood pressure.

Since the list is so long, some specialists incline to an opinion that, to understand how the serotonin works in the organism of healthy and sick man, we ought to proceed from its normal function in regulating  of our mood, impulses and appetite. Disturbing of the equilibrium of the serotonin system is fraught with various consequences. Depending on the genetic predisposition to the influence of surroundings, this disbalance causes migraine, over-eating, alcoholism, obtrusive-depressing syndrome, depression or loss of control of the impulses.
Sure you will ask “Why?”, ”How does it work?”, ”Who did say that?” and  the usual question ”What are your evidences?” However , let’s begin with the query “What is serotonin?”

The serotonin is a neurotransmitter, compound organic matter, and its molecules carry out intercommunication and interaction of cells of the nervous tissue. We couldn’t think, feel, move and virtually, life if it were not for neurotransmitters. Also the serotonin does double work in cardiovascular and gastric-intestinal systems. It helps to regulate dilation and narrowing of blood-vessels, ensures functioning of thrombocytes , blood plaques which favor blood coaqulability and, as a result  , our wounds heal. The serotonin causes a contraction of  unstriated muscles , favoring a movement of the food along the alimentary canal in the process of a digestion.
Nowadays the scientists identified about thirty neurotransmitters. All of them work in common, influencing our thoughts, feelings, decisions and actions. Although a cortex is responsible for taking all our decisions, many cerebral centers take part in preparation of the initial information for the brain which determines when we ought to eat and sleep, have a pain, feel break-down or enthusiasm. The numerous neurotransmitters and  cerebral centers form the system of control and comparison of the information. One can suppose with  certainty that more then one transmitter and one group of the nervous cells are drawn into fulfillment of every function of our brain. If the main center or neurotransmitter doesn’t work for some reason or other, so-called “understudy” picks up its function. One of the main tasks of the serotonin is to control effectiveness of other neurotransmitters’ work. In fact, the serotonin is to sort and to determine priority of the communications sent by the other neurotransmitters: just serotonin gives them “red, yellow or green light”. It explains why the serotonin exerts great influence upon our mood and behavior, though it doesn’t act alone. It is appropriate here to remember the expression of Thomas Carew, the scientist of Yale university: “The serotonin is one member of the molecular orchestra. But it isn’t a trumpet-player or a violoncellist, it is rather a conductor, organizing harmonious work of the brain”.

Thus, if you want:

  • To get rid of depression, fear, irritability, doubts, headache, alcoholism, insomnia, melancholy, over-eating, muscular spasms caused by stress;
  • To cure cramps;
  • To stabilize the nervous system;
  • To restore a capacity for work;
  • To strengthen memory, mind and body;
  • To give self-reliance to yourself;

you don’t need to spend a lot of money on the foreign chemical medicines. Today on our market you can find the unique domestic preparation of broad spectrum of effect at a moderate prices- “the serotonin”  of vegetable origin which is produced by “Subfarm” Ltd.


… Thank you, doctor.

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